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Make Game Day Healthy Again: Persian Spinach Dip

It’s game day! With football/baseball playoff/insert your favorite sport here in full swing, finding healthy meals and snacks can be a challenge. Believe it or not, there were years where I actually used to avoid these kinds of activities. I used to think if I went to my friend’s super bowl party or happy hour […]

5 Ways to Get Healthy This Spring

Greetings! Spring may have officially started a few weeks ago, but it’s only now finally starting to feel like it! Maybe you feel off the bandwagon this past winter. Maybe you lose your drive for meal prepping and those early morning runs. And guess what? That’s totally okay. It happens to the best of us, […]

How to Stop Nighttime Noshing in 3 Easy Steps

Did  you overdo it this weekend? If so, you’re not alone! A lot of my clients on Mondays and Tuesdays often approach their sessions with a mini walk of shame. They feel bad that they went crazy over the weekend, eating and drinking all sorts of stuff that they know wasn’t on their meal plan. […]

5 Ways to Eat Healthier (That Actually Work)

Recently, I read an article. And, not to say that it’s a bad article. Because it’s not, and I think ultimately the article presents fairly sound advice about food and nutrition. But it got me thinking. How many articles are out there like this, articles that provide debased information about nutrition? How many articles attempt […]