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Super Simple Summer Cucumber Soup Recipe: PERSIAN STYLE!

Hi everyone! Today, I’ve got a great cucumber soup recipe for you that’s perfect for summer. Okay, so it’s not vegan. But this doesn’t mean that dairy can’t be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle! I personally choose to abstain from dairy because I think it’s too acidic for my body and have a mild dairy intolerance. Many of you, however, do great with dairy and can consume it regularly. Fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir are especially great, as they provide loads of healthy probiotics! Plain yogurt also has a very cooling effect on the body, which pairs perfectly with this cucumber soup recipe.

Today’s recipe is provided by my good friend and fellow blogger Shirin Shahin of The Saffron LifeShirin has become an active participant in WTAF and has some great insight about Persian cuisine. Note how this is a yogurt soup with a much thinner consistency compared to the maast o’ khiyar I made a while ago. I hope everyone enjoys Shirin’s post!


If I had to pick one dish that signaled to me that Summer has arrived, it is this yogurt soup. I can clearly remember that warm feeling I would have when I would scan the dinner table and would see that my mom has put out this yogurt soup as part of our meal. This meant that it was at least 70 degrees outside and summer has finally arrived. 🙂
This is a cold soup which I know to some people is strange, but trust me, it is so refreshing! With very healthy ingredients such as yogurt and cucumbers, you can’t go wrong. Yogurt is also a huge part of our diet and we typically either eat it plain or with cucumbers. Tastes good and good for you! Hope you enjoy it!

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Chilled Iranian Cucumber and Yogurt Soup
  1. Mix the yogurt and salt. Set aside.
  2. Chop the cucumber as small as you can and then mix this into the yogurt. Add all of the other ingredients into the mix except the raisins. Mix well.
  3. You can set this aside in the fridge for a couple days before serving if needed. When serving, add the raisins. Also add a few ice cubes to keep the soup cool. Serve in soup bowls. If desired, add a handful of Special K or other non-sugary cereal for some crunch and an interesting play on texture.
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