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Living an Organic Lifestyle with Holystic Hut: Our First Friday Feature

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a good week. With the ridiculous weather, I’m #snoverit. Anyways, I know I typically talk about healthy recipes, foods, and other eating tips and tricks. But today, I wanted to talk about healthy living as a whole. What you eat is undeniably a big part your general health. But it’s also how you exercise, the household cleaning products you use, and even the daily health and beauty products you employ. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about what kind of makeup and other skin care products I use. I decided to take today as an opportunity to complete a feature on one of my favorite companies in the health and beauty world. When it comes to natural and organic living, these guys know their stuff. Holystic Hut is a fabulous eco-friendly company that prides itself in providing all natural, organic skin care and beauty products. I completed a 30-day trial, and found some favorites that I’ll absolutely incorporate into my daily routine.

About Holystic Hut

Holystic Hut was founded by Amir Ron and Jacob Shapiro. Inspired by biblical literature which references various herbs and their healing abilities, Holystic Hut’s mission is to inform and treat people with the use of herbal products, educating them on the risk and adverse effects of using synthetic ingredients. With 14 years of research, these products are manufactured in Israel. They are also 100% organic and natural.

Upon interviewing them, Shapiro went into depth about why the plants and herbs used in these products were simply the best. He explained that the extreme climates in the Judean region put a lot of stress on these crops, causing them to be resilient to disease, high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, and super potent from a medicinal standpoint. Other companies may use similar ingredients or herbs, but only Holystic Hut’s products are from this unique area.

Nikuzit Tea Detox Infusion

nikuzit-eng I drink tea at least twice a day. Brewing and drinking tea is a great way to get medicinal benefits from herbs and other loose leaves. The Nikuzit Tea is a fantastic way to jump start the detoxification process—and jumpstart your day!

The great thing about Nikuzit tea is I learned a lot about herbs I had never heard of. I’ve had plenty of dandelion tea and knew well about its detoxifying properties. But I didn’t know herbs like wild pansy and cedar bark were also part of the detox family. I specifically like how a bunch of these detoxifying herbs are all combined in one organic product. There’s nothing worse than having to make your own tea blends; no one will actually detox completely if it requires a ton of work. So that’s why I especially liked how everything was combined in one simple tea bag.

The instructions were pretty self-explanatory. Gradually up your intake of the tea until you’ve fully detoxed over the course of 30 days. I would imagine that this tea would still be safe to consume on a standard weekly basis, and I noticed that regular consumption prolonged my detox. Besides the classic benefits of detox like shinier hair, clearer skin, and brighter eyes, I noticed a surge in energy around my third week of use. I also noticed that a lot of the other Holystic Hut skin and beauty care products tended to work better as I increased my tea consumption. Shapiro explained to me that the tea detoxes you from the inside out, allowing whatever topical creams and balms to better penetrate the skin. I was skeptical at our initial meeting, but after seeing the results for myself I couldn’t agree more.

Meshi Nourishing & Regenerating Serum

meshijar+box Let me start off by talking a little about my background in cosmetics. In a nutshell, I’ve seen it all and I’ve used it all. In the cosmetics world, we’re always a little skeptical about ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products. Surely they can’t possibly have the same potency as their department store competitors. Despite my education and training, I was in for a surprise.

The Meshi serum is by far one of the best serums I’ve used in a long time. You have to remember that serum is one of the most effective ways to target the skin. Serums usually have the highest concentrate of active ingredients, making them pretty potent and good for targeted treatment.

I was apprehensive about using an oil-based serum for my skin. I had pretty oily skin growing up, and despite the whole ‘oil cuts oil’ theory, I was still afraid I’d apply this oil at night only to wake up to a face full of blemishes and breakouts the next morning. First off, I’m happy to say the serum does not do that, at least not for me. It doesn’t even feel that greasy and actually absorbs rather quickly.

Within a month of using the serum every night, I noticed a major change in my skin. My skin looked clearer and smoother. The acne scars and other dark marks I had as a teenager literally vanished. Shapiro warned me that this was a very strong product, but honestly I’m very happy with the results and will continue using. I think this serum is a total keeper, and one of the best I’ve found on the market.

Sephorris Organic Nail Fungus Treatment Oil

saporis-e+f One of the unfortunate side effects of being a yogi and running around in your bare feet all day is chronic nail fungus. Can we say gross? I’ve tried a ton of over-the-counter remedies and even prescriptions by doctors only to be told, “Well, sometimes people just have fungus.” The foodie and health nut in me said that’s impossible. I wasn’t going to settle with someone telling me I’ll have a chronic condition for the rest of my life. Besides, I need to get a pedicure. ASAP.  So when Shapiro suggested the Sephorris fungus nail treatment, I was intrigued.

The oil smells surprisingly good. I always thought medicine was supposed to have a nasty and pungent odor. But not this stuff. This oil smelled like cinnamon and orange peel. Now the question was, would it work?

Overnight I noticed a significant change. In the last month things have definitely improved. Fungus treatment takes a long time, and I knew that when I embarked upon this journey. But I feel much better knowing that I’m using a natural and organic product that’s good for me as opposed to a generic anti-fungal drug with potentially damaging side effects.


Once you’ve devoted yourself to a healthy diet free from chemicals, additives, and other things that might damage your health, it’s natural to switch to more organic beauty and medicinal products. I’ve always been open minded, I just never knew if they legitimately worked. After trying Holystic Hut, I was pleasantly surprised. With many organic lines the products are hit or miss. But after trying this line I’m definitely a returning customer.

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