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Hello everyone! My name is Taji Mortazavi and welcome to We’re Talking About Food (WTAF)! Besides being the founder of this site, I’m also a certified personal trainer with a Masters in Nutrition Education.

It’s been a long and twisty road to get where I am today both personally and professionally. There have been triumphs and challenges, good food days and bad food days, and days where physically I felt unstoppable followed by months of illness and chronic health problems. But all down this road, there’s been one thing by my side: food.

You see, for me (for many of you I’m sure), food isn’t just about nutrition, calories, or macronutrients. Although those components are important, for many of us food is about birthdays and anniversaries, or Christmas and breakups. Food is about celebrating our success, cushioning our falls, and all those moments in between. And, sometimes, food is ‘just because.’

Food also isn’t just about our personal struggles and our day-to-day lives. Food is about culture. Food is about saying “hey, this is the way me and my people like to eat.” From recipes that have been passed down generation after generation, to the new Cuban restaurant in town that you and your friends are dying to try, food is a step into someone else’s world, it all comes down to what tastes good. We may not always agree with the Cubans or the Middle East or insert-country-we’re-having-problems-with-here, but we do like our rice and beans and our kabobs with pita bread. Fortunately, food is not privy to politics or international relationships. Instead, it’s a door to culture, dialogue, and common ground.

Wherever you are on your food journey, that’s where my blog can come to play. WTAF is a platform where I can share my healthy recipes and simple nutrition advice all with a side of love and emotional support when you need it. I also love to bring different cultures, ingredients, and cooking techniques into the picture. Whether it’s a gluten-free banana bread or a full-fat plate of spaghetti and meatballs, it’s important to have a relationship with food that’s healthy and, more importantly, real.

I enjoy letting real ingredients shine on their own. I try to keep things healthy, but like most of you, I am only human. My main goal is to get you aware of what you’re eating, make educated, healthy choices about your diet, learn about other cultures through food, and enjoy life while you’re at it! Too many of us are overwhelmed by the latest celebrity diet or food trends. It’s time to have an open and honest discussion about food <3

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I hope you enjoy the blog!