Paleo Chicken Fingers: The New ‘Fast Food’

Who didn’t grow up eating some sort of breaded chicken? I know that as a child, I definitely had my fair share of trips to McDonald’s and other fast food joints. It’s no surprise that these days, I rarely (if ever) touch fast food. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a piece of fried chicken […]

Gluten-Free Brownies With a Beta Carotene Twist

It’s finally time for another dessert! I’ve been getting requests for more yummy sweats to eat this fall and winter, but to be honest with you I’m not always a fan of making decadent desserts. Why? Because I end up eating most of it! I realized that if I really like to eat dessert (which […]

My Obsession with Roy Choi and Korean Tacos

I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about Korean food, Korean tacos, or Roy Choi until I saw his commercial for Google Glass Explorer on YouTube. As soon as a I saw an Asian with some dope sleeves, I knew something was up. Besides personally identifying with Choi’s cultural struggles as a Korean-American growing up […]