Khoresteh Havij: The Persian Version of Paleo Stews

Stuck in a food rut? Want something that warms you up from the inside out? Then check out today’s delicious Persian stew. It’s paleo, gluten-free, can easily be adapted to vegan/vegetarian diets, and is straight up healthy. Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful and easy Persian recipe that tastes good and is good […]

The Easiest Homemade Applesauce Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Are you still buying applesauce out of a jar? Stop it now! You’re better off throwing that GMO-ridden, high fructose corn syrup concoction out a window than actually eating it. Honestly, I’d rather you do anything with that applesauce instead of consuming it. Conventional applesauce is loaded with preservatives, refined sugars, and other chemicals you […]

Kofta: The Meatball No One Is Talking About

According to Wikipedia, “Kofta…is an Afghani, Azerbijanian, Balkan, Pakistani, Israeli, Indian, Iranian, Arab, and Turkish meatball or meatloaf.” Who knew that such a scrumptious meatball variation has been hiding in the Middle East for all this time?! Kofta (also spelled kufteh or koofteh) is by far one of my favorite Iranian foods. Not only is it […]

Detox Diet Recipes (That Don’t Feel Like a Detox)

Happy Thursday everyone! I don’t know about you, but every day I try to be thankful for something. And lately, I’ve been soooo thankful for the great weather we’ve been having. Almost nothing is better than being able to drive around with the windows down! Another great quality about spring is the abundance of fresh […]

My Ex-boyfriend Was Named Hummus

I literally do not know where to begin. Perhaps I should start when I first learned about hummus. I was in high school, just beginning to eat healthily and exercise. A dietitian I was working with suggested I substitute hummus for my favorite ranch dressing. Within a few days, I had a new best friend […]