About Me

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Hello everyone! My name is Taji Mortazavi and welcome to We’re Talking About Food! Besides being the founder of this site, I’m also a certified personal trainer with a Masters in Nutrition Education.  Devoted to democratizing health, this website is dedicated to anything and everything food related! Regardless of your dietary habits, budget, or busy schedule, I believe that you CAN eat healthfully.  All it takes is learning a few healthy recipes and developing some simple habits!Most of my dishes

Most of my dishes focus on letting great ingredients shine on their own without a ton of salt, sugar, or other artificial additives. I realize that while some foods I post may not be entirely healthy (yes, I do sometimes use white flour in my desserts, sue me), a majority of my recipes keep health and nutrition in mind. And that’s because I want you to use my blog as a tool to become your healthiest, happiest self.

My goal is to make food that is both delicious and healthy. I also believe in the importance of exercise, and think that too often we struggle to effectively combine diet with exercise to lose weight and feel great. This site is designed to share my recipes, tips, tricks, and other information about food to the world. Enjoy!