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5 Ways To Have a Better Breakfast EVERY Morning

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But not everyone has the time, money, or energy to make themselves something healthy every day. The good news is, breakfast isn’t as hard as you would think! Follow these five simple tips, and I assure you you’ll have a much easier time getting up every morning.

1. Know Thyself

Bethenny Frankel talks about knowing yourself and your tendencies in her book Naturally Thin. And while I may not agree on every choice she’s made personally and professionally, I think she’s right about this. What kind of breakfast person are you in the morning? Are you hungry, and enjoy savoring a big meal? Could you care less about breakfast? Do you have time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, or is it a mad dash to the door? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses about breakfast can really help you tweak your habits and find the perfect meal for you.

I tell my busy clients that if they’re in a rush in the morning, have something on hand that they’ve prepared the night before like hard boiled eggs with toast. If you have more time on the weekends, try making your own home made muffins or other quick breads–it’s instant portion control. In other words, be prepared for the type of meal you’re going to eat each morning. If you’re a big eater, have your favorite foods on hand. If you’re in a rush, have 2-3 easy meals that you know are healthy and quick to prepare.

2. Think Outside the Box

Breakfast doesn’t always need to be cereal and milk or eggs and toast. Leftover chicken from the night before? Sounds like a great protein packed way to start the day! Or maybe you’re out of whole grain toast, and use whole grain pretzels with your cream cheese. The point is don’t confine yourself with what you think should be a traditional breakfast. By all means, this does not mean I think you should eat ice cream for breakfast! Instead, I’m suggesting that you break down the breakfast barriers and think about what you intuitively want to eat in the morning. Some examples include:

  • 2-3 ounces of chicken in a sprouted grain pita with veggies and a little hummus
  • Ham and cheese sandwich on sprouted grain brain
  • Leftover beef and rice from the night before
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain English muffin
  • Soup or stew from the night before (if you do decided to use a boxed version, aim for 500 mg or less of sodium)

As long as the portion is appropriate, you can honestly eat anything you want for breakfast!

3. Become an Aquaholic

Most mornings, I am absolutely quenched when I first wake up and can easily drink a liter or so of water. Keep in mind that when you wake up you’re usually dehydrated. Before you have anything to eat, I encourage you to drink a glass or two of water. You can even add lemon or berries for a little flavor. Of course you’ve heard how we often mistake hunger for thirst, and it’s true! Staying hydrated first thing in the morning is essential to eating a better breakfast, managing cravings, and improving your energy levels.

4. Scavenge the Internet

Bored of eating the same eggs every morning? Or are you looking for another GF alternative compared to the normal cereal you eat? Going online is a great tool for getting out of a breakfast rut. Whether you cruise your favorite food blogs or explore other social media like Pinterest, use your breakfast rut as a way to get inspired! Foodgawker and TasteSpotting are some great sources to get started. It’s amazing the kind of creativity and innovation you’ll see!

5. Make Your Intention Clear

In yoga, we like to take time at the beginning of each class to set an intention and make some personal objectives about what we want to get out of class that day. Try the same approach for breakfast. Whether you’ve got 6 minutes or 60, taking a minute to reflect on what you’re eating could play a role in how your day unfolds. Taking the time to nourish your body for a few minutes each morning is a great way to refocus and center yourself on what could be a hectic day.


I hope everyone tries these super simple and effective breakfast tips.What are some of your go to meals in the morning? Comment below and let me know! <3


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