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5 Ways to Get Healthy This Spring

Greetings! Spring may have officially started a few weeks ago, but it’s only now finally starting to feel like it!

Maybe you feel off the bandwagon this past winter. Maybe you lose your drive for meal prepping and those early morning runs. And guess what? That’s totally okay. It happens to the best of us, myself included.

The key to getting healthy this spring is to leave behind your old winter habits and make new healthy habits. So use today’s post a way to get inspired about your health again 🙂

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1.    Start Your Day with a Green Smoothie

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This winter, you probably loved waking up to the smell of maple syrup and brown sugar in your oatmeal or gluten-free pancakes. And while that might have been just what your body needed in the colder months, your body’s needs change between spring/summer and fall/winter, which means you might need to switch up your breakfast routine.

I’ve always been a big fan of shakes and smoothies for all times of the year, but especially warmer months in spring and summer for a couple of reasons. Usually, smoothies and breakfast shakes tend to feel lighter compared to your standard oatmeal and other hot breakfast items. In the warmer months, this might be exactly what your body craves!

Since you’re also more prone to getting dehydrated in the spring and summer, smoothies are also a good opportunity to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

To keep your smoothie on the healthy side, check out my green smoothie love post to learn the formula for building healthy and satisfying green smoothies to start your day J

2.    Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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Sick of being stuck in the smelly gym on the elliptical all day? You’re not alone. Spring is a great time of year to get back outdoors with your workouts! Whether you enjoy hiking in the mornings or doing yoga on your patio, take advantage of the sunshine and good weather when working out.

Working out outside isn’t just a mood booster, but also a time to surprisingly work some vitamins into your self-care regiment. If your sessions are under 30 minutes, you’ll get a healthy dose of vitamin D. For sessions over 30 minutes, definitely wear sunblock of at least 30 SPF to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.

3.    Plan Social Gatherings the Healthy Way

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Winter gatherings usually involve food, wine, more food, more wine, and the occasional side of gluttony, right? Try to switch your social calendar up by planning more healthy activities.

For instance, instead of taking a cab or public transit everywhere, it might be easier to walk to that trendy restaurant you’ve wanted to try all winter. Or instead of sitting at the movies for 2+ hours, suggest to your friends that you all go window shopping and explore the city after a healthy bite to eat. Most areas (no matter how urban or rural), usually have opportunities for you to get active and be social at the same time. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative!

4.    Work More Salads and Raw Plant-Based Dishes Into Your Diet

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Ever notice how you crave comfort food in the winter, but might want more raw foods in the summer? Those cravings aren’t accidental, and there’s some evidence showing your body was actually designed to function this way.

In the colder months, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) (i.e. your metabolism) slightly increases to offset the cold weather. Mind you, this isn’t a huge increase. No more than 50-100 extra calories are burned per day. But it is enough to make you want to eat plates of pot roast and mashed potatoes, cakes, cookies, and all those other holiday treats you love.

So what changes in spring? The mini BMR spike you had disappears, meaning you’ll feel less hungry. You’ll also be more likely to crave fresh fruits and vegetables, which are usually in season in spring/summer. Bottom line, this is the perfect time to work more salads and other raw plant-based dishes into your diet.

5.    Stay Hydrated

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I don’t know about you, but in the winter I feel like I literally need to force myself to drink water some days. Something about the cold weather makes me less inclined to drink, and I really need to watch my fluid intake to make sure I’m getting enough.

However, in warmer months I have no problem drinking two or even three liters of water a day. Why? Because whether or not I realize it, I am probably losing more fluid on warmer days, which makes me more likely to drink and replenish this fluid.
Whenever you feel hungry on a warm day, take a minute to make sure you’re well hydrated. We often mistake hunger for thirst, so something as simple as a glass of water before meals and snacks can have a huge impact on your health and wellness goals.


What are some of your favorite ways to get healthy in the warmer months? Comment below and let me know!

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