Sauteed Kale: Get In My Belly Now

It’s no secret that kale has been a trendy miracle food in recent years. For a while, I felt like every time I turned around someone was making something new out of kale. Kale smoothies. Giant Kale leaf tacos. And, my personal favorite, the ‘massaged’ kale salad. With all the crazy kale recipes, to be […]

How to Make Kabob Without a Grill: Kabob Taveh

Do you enjoy a succulent, juicy, and tender beef kabob? But is takeout not an option? Or is it still too cold to grill?  Photo Courtesy:Jenuy Now, there’s no reason to freak out when your local kabob or Middle Eastern restaurant is closed, because you can totally make kabob without a grill and on your stovetop! […]

Haftseen Food Porn for Norooz (And Lima Bean Hummus!)

Think hummus is just for chickpeas? Think again. Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a healthy and relaxing weekend! Today, I wanted to write a post tributing Norooz, which is also known as the Persian New Year. Why Exactly Is the Persian New Year in March? Before Iran was an Islamic nation—actually, before Iran was […]

The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Are you looking for a simple and delicious recipe to promote digestion, reduce inflammation, and keep you warm for these last few weeks of winter? If so, look no further! Today’s recipe is packed with nutrients, anti-inflammatory agents, and even calcium (yes calcium!) Who would have thought that a simple roasted cauliflower soup would be […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Cookies

When I first started making healthier versions of my favorite foods, naturally I was scared of baking. First off, baking on its own without any fancy flours or natural ingredients can be difficult enough. We all have the quintessential image in our minds of a pulling a cake out of the oven that’s completely burned. Or […]