Healthy Asian Chicken Salad WITHOUT Mayo!

If you don’t know me too well by now, you should know that I’m quite obsessed with chicken salad. To me, chicken salad is one of the perfect vehicles for tasty and healthy dishes using leftover chicken. And these days, I’ve been eating A LOT of chicken. One of my very first recipes for this site […]

The Perfect Paleo Vegetable Soup For Fall

Happy Monday everyone! If you live in the D.C. area like me, September is the anniversary of many moments. It’s when children go back to school, when everyone seems to get some crazy allergy-induced cold/virus, and, most of all, when the DMV’s bipolar weather begins all over again. After a crazy hot weekend, today’s chilly […]

Why the Fast Food Walkout Is a Good Thing

I don’t normally post about current events on this blog, but this morning at the gym I saw a news story I couldn’t get off of my mind all day. And don’t worry, I’m definitely still talking about food 😉 Apparently, fast food workers all across the nation are engaging in walk outs and going […]