13 Fruit Salad Recipes for Anytime, Anywhere!

I always say fruit is nature’s candy. There’s no need to eat a bunch of refined sugar when you have plenty of natural and wholesome sweet treats to indulge in. Some of you may still be coming down off of an Easter sugar high this week, and that’s totally okay! But it’s time to get back […]

The Perfect Spring Pineapple Smoothie to Start Your Day

If you’re a smoothie junkie like me, you probably start your day with a green smoothie. And if you’re not a smoothie junkie, you should seriously consider becoming one ASAP. I’ve been drinking smoothies every morning for the last few years. In the last five years, I’ve only missed two smoothies (yes, two). I’ve been […]

Wheat Allergy Symptoms: Do You Have Them?

With the start of spring comes the start of allergies. If you’ve got any sort of outdoor allergy, I’m sure you’re wondering what the pollen count is. But did you know that spring doesn’t just bring about allergies, but also food allergies, specifically wheat allergy symptoms? An allergic response is when the immune system goes […]

A Healthy Vegan Salad Dressing Everyone Will Love

When I first started eating healthy and being more conscious of what I put into my body, I reached for ‘light,’ ‘low-cal,’ or ‘fat-free’ salad dressings and sauces in a heart beat. Back then, I was strictly focused on how many calories I consumed every day. And to me, the fewer the calories, the better. […]