How To Start Your Day (Caffeine Free!)

A lot of clients ask what my morning routine is most days. Would you believe that it doesn’t include coffee? Although I used to be a complete caffeine addict in college (who isn’t?), I decided to kick the habit about a year ago and feel considerably better. I still get all the work I need […]

A Taste of Paris: Herb Baked Eggs

You might think that because I’m making eggs,  today’s recipe is all about breakfast. With all do respect, you couldn’t be more wrong. The French aren’t really breakfast people to be honest with you. A cup of coffee and a piece of bread is usually all they eat, which is quite unoriginal if you consider […]

Buying Organic on a Budget

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! The week has completely flown by. It’s another cold and dreary day, go figure. Besides asking myself when spring will arrive and if this never ending winter is a sign that a global warming apocalypse will occur in my lifetime, you also know that I love to […]